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Bruno – Innovation….for your Independence & Convenience


Automotive vehicles change every year. Styles come and go. Certain types become the rage, only to be replaced by new popularity champions. What has never changed is the turning, twisting and climbing required to get into, and out of, a vehicle.

High riding minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks present the added challenge of a formidable first step.

Bruno is please to present a revolutionary automotive solution – Valet Plus. Years of research and engineering have resulted in these products that help individuals, once again, gain access to their cherished vehicles. With hundreds of vehicle specific mounting kits for almost every type of vehicle, Bruno wants you to “live Life Your Way!”

Valet Plus…the Revolutionary Solution to Help You Get In and Out of Higher Vehicles

You won’t believe how much easier it is to access your vehicle with Bruno’s Turny products. Get on the seat, hit a button, and you’re in! The seat can be stopped at the height that’s convenient for you.


All TAS products allow the use of automotive seat belts, keeping you safe and secure!

Positions Available

  • Front Right Position – available for minivans, full-size vans, pickup trucks, SUVs and CUVs
  • Mid Right Position – available for minivans and full-size vans
  • Mid Left Position – available for minivans and full-size vans
  • Front Left Position – available for pickup trucks, SUVs and 2004 or newer Toyot Sienna Minivans

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An innovative powered transfer seat for pickup trucks and higher SUVs, the Stow-Away is designed to provide the easiest possible access to the driver’s seat or front passenger seat of the vehicle. Mounted on the outside of the vehicle, the Stow-Away does not interfere in any way with the operation of the factory seats. All seat functions – manual and powered – are retained. And, there are no obstructions inside the cab. Housed in a compact, seated container, the Stow-Away is normally affixed to running board mounts under the vehicle. A single switch pendant operates the unit, allowing a proven actuator and scissors mechanism to raise and lower the transfer seat to the desired height for the user to get on and off.

B & D Independence

Provide 6-Ways Power Seat Bases

6 Way Power Seat Bases give you 6 way movement:

  1. Up
  2. Down
  3. Forward
  4. Reverse
  5. Left
  6. Right

Get exactly where you need to get to transfer – Freedom…’s an essential part of life



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