Bruno Independent Living Aids and Harmar Mobility Make Hoists for Almost Every Vehicle and Mobility Device.


Superior Performance, Amazingly Compact and Easy to Use

The Bruno Curb-Sider hoist demonstrates the simplicity of design and adaptability making it possible to lift and store any kind of scooter or power wheelchair in all kinds of vehicles!

  • Effortless loading from behind the bumper or curbside makes the Curb-Sider the king of convenience
  • The powerful lifting capacity is the hallmark of the Curb-Sider. Virtually every mobility device can be handled, with a lifting capacity of 400 lbs.
  • The compact beauty of the Curb-Sider is enhanced by its automotive styling and scratch resistant black textured finish that gracefully complement your vehicle and requires a minimal amount of space.
  • The Curb-Sider’s modularity is renowned. Hundreds of sub bases and docking devices, and the new Adjustable Sub Base, mean this magnificent unit can fit into scores of vehicles.
  • An easy-to-operate Fold-Down Lift Head allows partial 3rd row seating access or cargo space (where applicable) and improved driver visibility when a mobility device is not present.
  • The elegantly styled Curb-Sider has been redesigned with the industry exclusive Direct Gear Drive Technology for unmatched performance.


Stylish Elegance, Coupled with Rugged Engineering and Sleek Efficiency

With powerful, proven performance, and a design that could almost grace an art museum, Joey delivers convenience, simplicity and strength every time it’s used.

A DriveOn/Drive Off platform, with a special coating for increased traction, and adjustable wheel chocks on either side of a center pocket, allows the Joey to accommodate virtually any scooter or powerchair, including today’s popular mid-wheel drive versions.

One button operation, small footprint, maintaining 2nd row seating and a fast cycle time to load/unload, makes the Joey a joy to use!

  • Indicator light illuminates when Joey is safely docked and transport ready
  • Obstruction sensing safety plate – disables unit when activatedHand-held pendant with single switch controlEasy Drive On/Drive Off Platform – designed for every type of mobility device. Self-leveling for uneven surfaces. Access either side of platform. No reversing necessary
  • Securement belts designed for one hand operation

Smart Lifter

Mobility Innovation’s Smart Lifter

Using it’s powerful motors, the Smart Lifter simply picks up your mobility device and loads it into the back of your vehicle at the push of a button, saving you or your loved ones from any heavy lifting.

  • Fastest hoist on the market
  • Lift in 60 seconds
  • Fully removeable when not in use
  • Lifts small scooters to heavy wheelchairs
  • Great design that looks good in your vehicle

Model AL800 Side-Loading Truck Lift

Brings chair from pickup truck bed to driver or passenger door

Eight years of customer input and design innovation have combined to create Harmar’s inside lifts. With an appearance that integrates with today’s vehicle interiors, Harmar’s latest inside lifts include Best-in-Class features and lifting capacities to offer high-quality solutions for virtually every chair and vehicle. No other products on the market have the level of safety, quality and adjustability found with Harmar inside lifts.

  • Fully-powered for effortless loading
  • Extremely adjustable base and boom
  • Mounts on either side of truck be
  • Weather resistant
  • Exclusive 2-step “Up and In” operation
  • Weatherproof remote hand control
  • Lifting capacity 350 lbs

Model AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

Premium Universal Outside Lift

The AL100 is Harmar’s premium universal outside scooter lift and one of few available for a Class II hitch-equipped vehicle. It’s quality features, construction and durability make it one of the most popular outside lifts on the market. The Swing Away option provides easy access to the trunk or lift gate of any vehicle. Deck automatically folds up, out of the way, when empty.

  • Manual crank backup
  • 350 lbs lifting capacity
  • Automatic hold-down arm
  • Integrated license plate holder
  • One switch operation
  • Integrated drop bracket for truck and SUV applications
  • Large aluminum deck that automatically folds when empty

Model AL030 Power Tote

For Manual Wheelchairs

The Power Tote is a lightweight, durable lift designed to safely and easily transport folding manual wheelchairs. The Power Tote is the only lift in its class to allow the platform and hold down arm to fold, making for a much more compact unit when the lift is empty.

  • Low profile license plate holder
  • Manual Crank Backup
  • One switch operation
  • Hold-down arm
  • Mounts on a trailer ball style receiver
  • Height adjustable
  • Requires no wheelchair modifications
  • Platform can be folder when empty