Just another day at AVM; helping others; allowing people to live easier lives with a disability. The feeling is very satisfying, especially when we have moments like this one:

A woman came into our shop looking for a used van; expressing to us how she needed it very soon because she suddenly became a full time caregiver,  but couldn’t afford something new.   She was in desperate need to get an accessible van.  She was explaining  her troubles to us when another  woman comes in upset; her husband had passed and she was unable to use her accessible van anymore.  She needed to know if we could help her to sell it.

We usually will take your name and number, then wait till someone is in need, but as I sat here, I  thought WOW, they needed each other at that moment.  The widow was selling the perfect vehicle for this woman!  It was a perfect match for two people in need and they were able to exchange numbers; leaving with smiles.

Although the widow lost her husband; she was thrilled to be able to sell it to someone in need.  Being a part of helping both of these ladies was amazing; This was one of our perfect moments!