Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we are forced to deal with a major mobility change.  This change isn’t always easy because it’s never a “chosen” choice but when it comes to having a choice for your family, you can choose the RIGHT place.  When it is time to look for a wheelchair van, it’s important to ask yourself; how can I tell the RIGHT mobility dealer from the WRONG dealer?

The RIGHT Mobility dealer will listen to your concerns and ask questions regarding your needs before they recommend a solution for your mobility issues.

The WRONG mobility will try to convince you to buy what THEY want to sell you.

If the dealer recommends a solution before asking about the problem, you might be at the WRONG mobility dealer.

The RIGHT mobility dealer will have an active and responsive service department capable of working on more than one wheelchair van or mobility device at a time.

If you can’t find the service department or service technician, you might be at the WRONG mobility dealer.

If they show up at your home with a van without you asking to see a van, you might be talking to the WRONG mobility dealer.

A mobility dealer that cares for their clients will have a full range of mobility solutions that range from wheeled walkers to high tech driving systems scooter repair to complex rehabilitation power wheelchair repairs.  They will strive on making it easy for you to find what is best for your mobility first.  If they only want to sell you a mini-van, YOU ARE AT THE WRONG MOBILLITY DEALER!