Veigel North America/Mobility Products and Design is one of AVM’s most valued suppliers. They are a designer & manufacturer of hand driving controls, foot controls, pedal extensions, steering knobs and other steering devices.  Their products give mobility impaired drivers the freedom to drive with confidence, knowing they are using the best quality and technology available.  AVM has been installing Veigel/MPD products for over 20 years and have found them to be the most adaptable to individual driver’s needs. Always innovating, MPD/Veigel has introduced many new hand control improvements over the years. One of the most recent is the Veigel electronic left foot accelerator. Most newer cars use an electronic gas pedal rather than the older type cable system to control acceleration. When hand driving controls are needed, a mechanical link is used to connect the hand control or left foot accelerator to the O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacture) Pedal.  Now with this innovation, we are able to use a second electronic device in the needed location and have an activation/system to select use of the adaptive driving device when needed.  This innovation lets the hand control operate just like the OEM system and eliminates the chance of misuse of the hand control or left foot accelerator by anyone untrained in its use.  That risk, alone, has lead some multi location mobility dealers to stop offering these needed mobility devices to the persons that need them the most. AVM is a locally owned, single store location commonly called a “Mom & Pop Shop”. I am very proud of the work we do for the disabled community of Ocala and the surrounding area.  We are locally owned & managed with a great crew of folks to help with your individual needs – including hand controls and left foot gas pedals.

Paul McGuckin