I’m driving through town, I see brake lights in front of me, and then the vehicle turns right. I hear a bang and the vehicle turned into another car. I shake my head and think, if that guy would have let the other car know he was turning by using his turn signal; this accident probably would have never happened. This led me to think of my work, Advanced Vehicle Modifications. I love how hard our customers work to be independent. They work very hard to follow every guideline to being a safe driver so they won’t hurt others. One thing we assist them to do is to make sure they are using their signals to prevent an accident. This one quick decision can change others and our own lives.

Here at AVM, we recently had a client request a modification for the use of turn signals. He had lost the use of his left arm and was unable to operate the turn signal lever. Rather than give up on driving or making a careless decision to not use turn signals, he came to AVM for assistance. After evaluating his needs and discussing his options, a solution was found for him to remain independent. By wiring into his original turn signals, we were able to install two push button switches in the floor next to the brake pedal. He can now drive safely, without compromising others on our roads, using his left foot to operate the turn signals.

I think many times that we are safer drivers with a disability. It amazes me how someone with less strength physically, can have so much strength mentally. Why is this? Well, I believe it is because they have experienced pain, loss of a limb, being paralyzed, a stroke or a horrible debilitating disease that is life changing. They would never want or wish it upon anyone else, so they strive to help you. Yes, that’s right, I said, “YOU!” So if YOU can do anything to prevent someone from being handicap, we should help THEM by being more cautious, like our friends with disabilities. Let’s help each other, because being able is a blessing. We should never take things for granted, by leaving out a “simple task” of using our turn signals.

Melody Popp
Director of First Impressions
Advanced Vehicle Modifications, Inc.