Just how important is it to have your equipment serviced on a regular basis?  It is very important, but not urgent – that is the problem.

If your wheelchair lift,  power seat base or wheelchair accessible van is working, you don’t need service.  Right?  And, you have things to do.  The urgent things in life tend to get our attention, but the things that are important are seldom urgent, and the things that seem urgent are seldom important.

Is it important to spend time with your children?  Yes.  Is it ever urgent?  No.

OK, so getting regular service on your mobility equipment, i.e. your wheelchair accessible van or truck, is very important, especially when it is working property.

Now, this may sound like I am just trying to keep the service department busy.  Anyone that knows me, knows that is not the case.  With regular maintenance and service, we can head off  potential problems that could become very expensive repairs.

One client recently had to replace a motor/gearbox assembly due to a broken casting that could have been avoided.  If the mounting bolts had been tightened before the shaky motor broke the casting on the gearbox, the cost of that repair – an extra $700 – would have been saved.

Visit AVM for regular service.  It is important and saves money.