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High Tech Driving

The Future of Driving – Now

AVM is a certified dealer for EMC (Electronic Mobility Controls), the standard in “Drive-by-Wire” driving controls. “Drive-by-Wire” means that the movements made by the driver with the steering Input Device (joystick, yoke, wheel) is not transmitted mechanically, but instead, is sensed and converted into a digital electronic signal that is transmitted to intelligent Drive Modules that, in turn, command intelligent Electromechanical Servos to steer the front wheels. The same method of control is applied to the braking and acceleration of the vehicle.

The new AEVIT 2.0 Driving Control System features the latest technological advancements. Electronic display for controlling:

  • Ignition
  • Starting
  • Lights
  • Turn Signals/Hazards
  • Horn/Dimmer
  • Wipers/Auto Wipers
  • Cruise On/Set
  • Shift (P,R,N,D,D2)
  • Windows
  • Locks
  • Electric Park Brake
  • Left and Right Power Mirror Control
  • Front and Rear Fans
  • Vent Selection
  • Temperature
  • Other Programmable Functions

Additional Control Accessories Include:

  • Voice Interactive Controls providing “voice activation” of up to 18 secondary controls and communicates instructions to the driver on the status/operation of AEVIT primary driving controls. The Bluetooth Option allows the driver to use a Bluetooth headset and receiver in conjunction with the Voice Interactive Controls
  • Remote Start for starting the vehicle from up to 240 feet away.

For those who require high tech driving solutions, AVM has the training and experience to provide the answer you need. We work with rehab specialists and engineers from Vocational Rehabilitation, the Veterans Administration and others to provide the total mobility solution now.

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