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Professional National Organizations and Associations administer these credentials.

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) is a professional society for individuals and organizations interested in technology and disability. RESNA certifies providers who must meet specific requirements to be eligible for certification, and one declared eligible must pass an examination. RESNA offers national certification for Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who is a service provider who analyzes the needs of consumers with disabilities, assists in selection of appropriate assistive technology for the consumer’s needs, and provides training in the use of t he selected devices. RESNA’s newest certification is Seating and Mobility Specialist (SMS) who first must be an ATP and who specializes in the comprehensive seating, positioning, and mobility needs of consumers with disabilities. Learn more at

The National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS)’s registration is recognized as the pre-eminent specialty credential for suppliers who are actively, directly involved in and responsible to the consumer in the service delivery process for Complex Rehab products and services. A registrant who is a Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (CRTS) has demonstrated work experience, received recommendations from professional associates, adheres to a stringent code of ethics and commits to participate in ongoing continuing education and has passed the RESNA ATP examination and maintains the ATP with RESNA. It is the certification mark of excellence. Learn more at

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